Transformational Leadership & Change Management


Duration: 3-days
Maximum amount of Participants: 16
Facilitators: 1
NQF Level: 5


About the programme:


The programme is aimed at any person who needs knowledge and skills in the field of transformation and change management. Areas covered by this programme are as follows:


  • Transactional leadership v. transformational leadership
  • Traditional leadership v. post-modern leadership
  • Change management
  • The learning organisation
  • Organisational learning disabilities
  • Understanding organisational evolution
  • Theory of principle centred leadership


The workshop outcome:


The primary purpose of this programme is for participants to effectively apply the principles of transformational leadership & change management within their organisations.


Specific outcomes of the workshop content:


After completion of this programme the participant should be able to:


  • Understand the concepts of transformational leadership and change management.
  • Understanding the organisational and human dynamics that occur when change or transformation is introduced and applying theory to manage these dynamics.
  • Identify the stumbling blocks that your organisation has towards change and transformation.
  • Applying leadership theory and principles to enhance organisational change and transformation




  • All programme materials and hand-outs
  • Marking of assignments
  • Issuing of certificate after completion of programme
  • Record keeping of all results and assessments in order for participants to receive recognition for prior learning through the National Qualifications Framework.


Training methodology:


The methodology is based on interactive learning, i.e. learners will learn by doing. Furthermore learners will use examples from their own organisations, thus ensuring that the learning is anchored at their workplace.
As with all DCT training programmes, we strive to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes based training.



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