HIV/Aids Awareness Workshop


Duration: 1-Day
Max. Participants: No limit
Facilitators: 2
NQF Level: 4
  • Workbook & hand outs
  • The Book ‘The complete story of HIV and Aids – A practical guide for the ordinary sexually active person’.
  • Issuing of certificate after completion of programme.


About the programme:


The HIV / Aids Awareness programme is a practical programme where people learn to understand the virus and how to deal with it in the workplace. A medical expert is used to explain the virus and its workings whilst a psychologist will give skills on dealing with the virus within the organisation and supporting infected colleagues.


The workshop outcome:


On completion of this programme participants should have an awareness and understanding of the HIV virus and the impact of Aids both on the effected person and on the organisation.


Specific outcomes of the workshop content:


Participants will achieve the workshop outcome by being able to:


  • Know what is HIV and what is Aids?
  • Distinguish between myths and facts regarding HIV / Aids (including how one can get infected and how one can avoid infection).
  • Have a working relationship with people infected with the virus.
  • Understand the process that a diagnosed person will go through, from infection to death.
  • Know the ways in which an infected person can maintain a healthy lifestyle (way of living, eating, medication, etc)


Training methodology:


The methodology is based on interactive learning, i.e. learners will learn by doing. Furthermore learners will use examples from their own personal lives and work environment, thus ensuring that the learning is anchored at their workplace and home.
As with all DCT training programmes, we strive to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes based training.



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