Victim Empowerment & Support


Duration: 2-days
Max. Participants: 12
Facilitators: 1
NQF Level: 5
DCT Accreditation: Services SETA: Decision number 0263









About the programme:


The Programme is skills-based and aimed at enabling participants to enhance their skills of victim support. This programme will introduce the participant to concepts such as trauma and the support of victims of trauma. They will also be familiarised with the concept of empowering victims of trauma in order for them to retake control of their lives. During the practical sessions participants will demonstrate the skills taught through role-plays, case studies and other experiential-based activities.


The workshop outcome:


On completion of this workshop the participant should be able to apply victim support and empowerment skills in order to effectively help victims of trauma to retake control of their lives.


Specific outcomes of the workshop content:


Participants will achieve the workshop outcome by being able to:


  1. Understand what trauma is
  2. Debrief a victim of a traumatic incident
  3. Demonstrate the skills that is needed to support a victim of trauma
  4. Understand the concept of victim empowerment
  5. Demonstrate the skills to help a victim to empower him/herself after a traumatic incident


Training methodology:


The methodology is based on interactive learning, i.e. learners will learn by doing. Furthermore learners will use examples from their own environments, thus ensuring that the learning is anchored at their workplace. As with all DCT training programmes, we strive to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes based training.



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